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Sofist India, established in 1994, is a software resource group involved with application design and development, systems study and analysis,
software support and consultancy services.

Law Based Products Sofist India

Law Products

Sofist India has digitized, proof-checked, normalized, marked-up and cleansed more than 2.2 million pages (about 8 GB of characters) of legal text for many of India’s leading publishers of law journals to create DVD-based desktop apps, web apps including tablet and mobile apps. Click here to View

Finance Based Products Sofist India

Finance Products

Apart from developing an off-the-shelf accounting control product featuring a broad spectrum of accounting modules, Sofist India has also developed customized modules to cater to different industry segments and specific needs of clients.

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Medical basaed products Sofist India

3. Medical products

Carematrix is a versatile easy to use Electronic Medical Record (EMR) product that seamlessly integrates the Front office, Patient examination Patient Record Keeping and Back Office.

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E-Learning products Sofist India

E-Learning products

Our eLearning products for students take into its fold difficulty-level based randomly-generated timed tests with instant or at-the-close answers, customized tests based on user-selected subjects, besides whiteboard and one-on-one training.

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E-commerce products Sofist India

E-commerce Products

Our eCommerce solution extends over subscription-based products, downloadable products and goods such as books, software products and a range of industrial goods featuring direct purchase, enquiries, auctions and drop-shipment.

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Cross Platform Products Sofist India

Cross Platform Products

Would you like a customized or off-the-shelf software solution that works across multiple platforms such Windows, Linux, or iOS. Our technical team can develop your product ground-up to meet you exacting needs. Moreover, we can provide a turnkey solution for your packaged product.

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